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Chakra Healing and Balancing

Certified in many ancient and contemporary healing, personal development and life coaching techniques, which she has been practising for over a decade, Dr Sofia Vasilara applies her own unique technique of Multilevel Coaching & Healing, which combines more than 8 recognized therapy and coaching methods. 

Her sessions are additionally personalized to custom-suit the needs of each person in relation to the desired result and can take place in person or remotely (by phone or online, on Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc).

The issues that Dr Sofia Vasilara can help you with, include:

Our lives are governed by the body’s seven primary energy centres, or chakras! Our thoughts and emotions have an impact on how these chakras work.
The Chakras have an impact on how our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being operate and are enhanced! These wheels are the ones that get us through all the various experiences in life, from pleasure to survival, from vision to manifestation.

Chakra healing is a profound and holistic approach in harmonizing these chakras thereby regulating the flow of energy throughout the body.

Chakra Healing Services

Take advantage of our specialised Chakra Healing Abu Dhabi treatments to start a life-changing adventure. We provide a variety of Chakra Healing services at Dr. Sofia Vasilara’s Healing with the goal of bringing your energy centres back into harmony and vibrancy. You will be guided by our certified practitioners through activities that support holistic well-being by clearing, balancing, and aligning each chakra.

Benefits of Chakra Healing:

Chakra healing has many advantages for the physical, emotional, and spiritual self and is a useful tool for enhancing general health and wellbeing.
  • Relief from pain and tension
  • Improved immune system functioning
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Increased self-awareness and empathy
  • Enhance intuition and connection with higher self
  • Greater sense of purpose and meaning
  • Improved and deeper sleep
  • Positive outlook
The advantages listed above make it evident that having chakras that are clear and in good functioning will help you live the life you deserve.

Why Choose Dr. Sofia Vasilara for Chakra Healing?

Chakra healing must be maintained for the highest level of health and wellbeing. Here at Dr. Sofia Vasilara, we make sure to provide whole body healing and holistic-based therapies helping you to restore balance, relieve stress and promote overall well-being.
Our founder, Sofia Vasilara, along with her extensive expertise in Chakra healing Abu Dhabi does the healing by combining ancient wisdom with modern practices for optimal results. By knowing that each person’s journey is unique, our Chakra healing programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and demands.
  • Stress Management
  • Releasing negative emotions and harmful habits (fears, phobias, low self esteem, sadness, addictions, panic attacks, nutrition disorders, obesity)
  • Healing inner child
  • Energy cleansing
  • Chakra healing
  • Cutting chords
  • Family healing
  • Family Tree healing
  • Preparation to create a family
  • Subconscious healing
  • Releasing subconscious limiting beliefs
  • Boosting immune system
  • Anti Ageing
  • Positive subconscious transformation
  • Positive mindset transformation
  • Positive DNA transformation
  • Self healing basics
  • Connection with Higher Self
  • Law of attraction
  • Manifestation
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