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Business coaching

Business Coaching

Using her experience as a successful business owner and manager in sales-driven markets with high competition, Dr Sofia Vasilara delivers business and corporate coaching sessions/seminars with measurable results to groups and individuals, both in person and remotely (by phone or online, on Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc)

Through the application of her own unique technique of Multilevel Coaching & Healing, which combines more than 8 recognized therapy and coaching methods, Dr Sofia Vasilara personalizes her sessions to custom-suit the needs of each person or group of people as well as those of the desired result.

Her holistic approach is the critical element that makes her sessions radically different from conventional business coaching, thus augmenting the benefits for the coachee.  

Contact us today for more information on our specialized and flexible business/corporate coaching packages available for the following:

  • Companies
  • Entrepreneurs/Freelance professionals
  • Executives/Managers
  • Employees

Depending on your personal needs and the needs of your business, we work side by side to achieve the desired result, by following a tried and tested methodology which includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Identification of the present situation
  • Creating a specific plan to achieve the goal
  • Defining the exact steps of action
  • Motivation/encouragement
  • Clearing of conscious/subconscious obstacles

The benefits of business/corporate coaching are multi-tiered:

  • Profit increase
  • Problem solving
  • Productivity enhancement
  • Creativity boost
  • Balanced workplace relations
  • Efficient organization-coordination
Dr. Sofia Vasilara ‘s deep knowledge of the UAE, Greece and UK market, combined with the application of her own unique techniques of Multilevel Coaching & Healing, make her right now the best personal business coach in Dubai, and one of the best business coach in UAE, Greece and UK.
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